The Right Mix

Creativity is an ROI skill!

Girl with red hat / Unsplash

11 January 2022 / Christa Nuijs

To see creativity acknowledged as an ROI skill is a long overdue celebration of an often undervalued asset. The irony is, the people who undervalue it, are often the creatives themselves. Creative attributes are presented as hobbies or mentioned beneath more “measurable” skills. And that’s those people who recognise they are creative. 

I am always baffled by people who claim they are not creative at all, confusing creativity with artistic talent. Creativity comes in an infinite variety of shapes and forms. To place it within the confinement of rules and definitions goes against the nature of creativity itself. Creativity is invention, reinvention, rethinking, turning a solution upside down to repurpose it for a different problem. And those are skills we humans all possess, no matter how and in what kind of situation we apply it!

So next time you say you are not creative, don’t believe yourself!