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Finally! A Reminder Feature for Feed Posts in Instagram.

Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

31 January 2022 / Mar-Loes Mantoua

It may not be one of Instagram’s major releases in 2022, but this is such a useful one!

You can now create an Instagram feed post with the “Add Reminder” feature, which allows your followers to tap on a small bell icon to see event details along with an option to receive notification reminders.

And to create even more awareness of your event, you can also share these posts with the reminder tag to your Instagram Stories.

When someone opts-in to receive a reminder for your event, they’ll get sent:

And to top it off, it will be set in the timezone of the device you used to create the post, but your followers will see it in their local time!

If you often host webinars, podcasts or drop new products, this is the feature for you!

Unfortunately you cannot add reminders to posts already on your feed (or to events happening within 1 hour from posting), but for all your other upcoming posts follow this easy step to add the reminder feature:

  1. Create a new Instagram feed post, as usual.
  2. On the New Post page, select Add Reminder.
  3. Include all relevant event information, like your Event Title and start time.
  4. Hit Done.

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