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Stir up your digital marketing strategy!

August 17, 2022 / Christa Nuijs

Comfort can be a creativity killer and once you have used a social media strategy for too long there is a risk of your content getting stale and losing its momentum. Take a moment to review your content engagement and conversions and see if it is time to stir up your digital marketing approach.

Here are a few ideas to blow some fresh air into your content!

1. Change up the format

Have you been posting regularly, but using stills only? Maybe it’s time to add videos to the mix. Reels are getting a lot of traction and attention and draw the scroller’s attention. They are also subjected to a different algorithm than your static posts and have a wider reach. If you’ve been putting off videos because you have no movie editing skills, fear not! You can create movies with stills too! Convert your images into a presentation with eye-catching filters, labels, headings and a catchy tune. Apps like CanvaInshot and Animoto make this incredibly easy and fun to do. It will surely stir up your own creative juices and get new views to boot!

2. Let’s get personal

Authenticity is the word of the moment and people want to know why they should buy YOUR product or service and not that of the competition. Let them get to know you, your team, the story behind the product, why you set up the business, what your day looks like, how you use the product, and your passion. Again, video messages are great for this. Even if you don’t like placing yourself in front of the camera, you can add a personal touch by creating the story from your point of view, using audio only, filming your hands or writing your views in originally created blogs and articles.

3. Celebrate your customers

Start leveraging your success stories and shine a light on your existing clients. Give them a voice by using their testimonials, and ask them to send a video or picture of them using your product. If you are B2B, take this chance to cross-promote each other and highlight their mission, explaining why you are honoured to have them as your client. Make sure your clients share these spotlights on their own channels, thereby increasing your reach immediately.

4. Evolve, baby, evolve!

Speaking of clients, are they still the same target group as before? What is their age range now, and how do they interact? Because while 10 years ago your target audience may be lived on Facebook mainly, the new generation may have migrated to other platforms such as TikTok. Not only the digital location of your clients may have changed, but the key message they are looking for might also have evolved too. Have you? Again, being comfortable with what you know may be holding you back from acquiring new clients. Step out of your comfort zone, do the research and see where there is room for you to change the platform, update your messaging and make sure you are still relevant.

5. Get a brand make-over

And while you are updating your messaging, why not treat your brand to a bit of a facelift and revamp? A new stylised version of your existing logo or brand style can generate new buzz. Create a bit of hype around it; you’ve earned the attention! It will also allow you to recirculate content with your updated look. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel time and again, but tweaking it with a different style does wonders. Get inspired by these latest logo trends

6. Finally, fresh eyes see more

Last but not least, dare to take a step back and let a third party look over your current strategy and branding profile. When we are too close to something, we may lose perspective. This is not an easy thing to do, especially for all the solopreneurs out there. We know, everyone in our team has been there, and we don’t like to give up control. But letting someone else give input will create room for new and fresh ideas. Contact The Right Mix for a free 1-hr consultation on how your strategy can be stirred up!