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Call-to-Action strategies to Increase Instagram Post Engagement

Author / The Right Mix

Increasing post engagement on Instagram requires a combination of creating compelling content and engaging with your audience. Below we give you a how list of Call-To-Action strategies that will be sure to increase engagement on your Instagram account.

“Like, Comment, Share, and Spread the Love”

Encouraging your audience to engage with your content through likes, comments, and shares is a classic and effective CTA. It prompts them to interact with your post, increasing its reach and visibility among their connections. By adding the phrase “Spread the Love” or a similar call-to-action, you create a sense of community and encourage users to actively promote your content.

Example: “Double tap if you agree, comment your thoughts, and share this post to spread the love!”

"Follow for Exclusive Updates and Insider Tips"

Inviting your audience to follow your account for more valuable content is a great way to build a loyal community. This CTA indicates that you consistently provide exclusive updates and insider tips, enticing users to stay connected with your brand for valuable insights.

Example: “Follow us for exclusive updates, insider tips, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks you don’t want to miss!”

"Click the Link in the Bio to Get Your Free Guide"

When you have a specific landing page, blog post, or promotional offer you want to direct your audience to, using the “Click the link in the bio” CTA is highly effective. By guiding them to your bio, where the link is easily accessible, you make it convenient for users to take the desired action and access valuable resources.

Example: “Ready to level up your skills? Click the link in the bio to get your free guide and unlock expert tips!”

"DM Us for Exclusive Discounts and Personalized Recommendations"

If you want to encourage direct communication and engagement with your audience, a CTA like “DM us for more” works well. It prompts users to reach out to you with questions, inquiries, or requests for exclusive discounts and personalized recommendations, fostering a direct and personalized connection.

Example: “Looking for personalized recommendations or exclusive discounts? DM us today and let’s chat!”

"Save This Post for Inspiration"

Instagram’s save feature allows users to bookmark posts they find valuable or interesting. By prompting your audience to save your post for future reference or inspiration, you establish your content’s long-term value and encourage them to engage with it beyond a simple like or comment.

Example: “Feeling inspired? Save this post for your next creative project and tap into endless inspiration whenever you need it!”

"Tag a Friend Who Needs to See This"

This CTA is an effective way to expand your reach and engage new users. By asking your audience to tag a friend who would find your content relevant or interesting, you tap into their networks and attract new potential followers who share similar interests. This creates a ripple effect and exposes your content to a wider audience.

Example: “Know someone who needs to see this? Tag a friend who would love these tips and tricks!”

Crafting compelling and conversion-focused CTAs is essential for driving action and achieving your marketing goals. By being clear, action-oriented, and utilizing strategies, you can create CTAs that effectively convert. Remember to continuously test and optimize your CTAs to ensure they align with your audience’s preferences and behaviors. With a well-crafted CTA strategy, you’ll see increased engagement, conversions, and success in your marketing efforts.