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META-VERSE: 5 tips to tackle the future of virtual commerce

Martin Engel - Grafiker Hamburg / Unsplash

14 February 2022 / Christa Nuijs

As an avid Sci-Fi reader, I’ve been exposed to various literary forms of the Metaverse, most notably the four part epic Otherland, by Tad Williams, which I have read and re-read at least 10 times since 2000. Never did I imagine that the world described by Willams would come into reality during my lifetime and the fact that this is truly happening is frighteningly fascinating.

While still in its infancy, this will move fast and it is wise for brands to consider how to leverage this new landscape. This article by Janit Ballis hands you 5 tips to start with on how to tackle the future of virtual commerce:

1) Pick your target – who is your (new?) demographic?
2) Watch the competition – look for peer champions and pioneers for inspiration
3) Look for applications – can you pilot your ESGs through the Metaverse?
4) Plan your entrance – how to comfortably integrate your brand and get exposure.
5) Keep your balance – manage your expectations and risk/reward outcome.

Personally, I can’t wait to experience this new dimension and the opportunities it will bring, especially in the field of creativity and virtual tourism. Until then, I’ll reread Otherland for the 11th time…