The Right Mix

Print vs Digital Media

NMG Network / Unsplash

27 Apr 2022 / Mar-Loes Mantoua

Companies have been shifting their focus from print to digital marketing for many years now.  Print, however, has proven to be more resilient than expected. And with Asia-Pacific the largest region in the print advertising market in 2019 – and expected to remain in this position till 2030 – can brands disregard print when determining your marketing strategy? Here are the main advantages for each:

Pro digital:

Pro print:

It is fair to say that although print media has been losing ground for many years, it still has a role to play in a marketing campaign.  Print scores impressively high for audience attention and brand recall versus social media, and can be well used to boost digital channels. There are many new technologies in print media, allowing it to be more unique and original than ever before. Marketeers should take advantage of these opportunities and use a fair part of print creativity in their media mix.

These 17 print ads that Hubspot put together provide some great inspiration on how to incorporate print into a digital strategy.