The Right Mix


Christa Nuijs, Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Christa has over 20 years’ experience in the field of operational management. With a passion to support NGOs, creative visionaries and women entrepreneurs, she successfully ran Curiosity Support, a virtual assistance and operational support agency for NGOs and female founders. She holds a double Bachelor in Visual Culture and Fine Arts, and qualifications in marketing, brand alignment & management, copy writing and editing and she is currently completing a professional diploma in UX Design. She loves combining her creative vision with a practical approach to support clients that are aiming to make the world a better place. In her free time, Christa hikes the Hong Kong trails, paints or disappears in a book.

Mar-Loes Mantoua, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Mar-Loes has an impressive background in PR and Marketing. With 25+ years’ experience in project management, PR and brand strategies, she has been in charge of marketing and liaison development in a variety of large companies and organisations, with a proven track record of quantitative and qualitative success. A holder of a BA hons in International Marketing Management, and has additional qualifications in the field of digital marketing. “I get inspired by passionate entrepreneurs and love combining my strategic mindset with creative content to tell our clients’ stories in a stand-out way”. In her free time, no matter how busy life gets, Mar-Loes starts her day with a workout and a cappuccino and ends it with a book and a glass of wine!

Sonja Wiederhofer, Founder & Chief Design Officer

Sonja has over 20 years’ experience as a graphic designer and has worked in different areas such as advertising, publishing and IT. Serving clients in a plethora of industries, Sonja has extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of graphic design software. Her portfolio contains everything from logos to full scale magazines, from consumer goods and packaging to website mock-ups and brand guides. She has a keen eye for detail and gets excited about typography and layout and is happiest when space, fonts, colours and photos all work together and “just click”. If she’s not at her desk solving the world’s layout problems, you’ll find Sonja running the beautiful trails of Hong Kong.

Shandi identifies herself as a multilayered person. When she worked as a drawing tutor, store supervisor, airline stewardess; she was also a Japanese language student and semi-traveler continuously collecting stamps on her passport at the same time.  Currently, she is a nomad web designer, building her web design professional while seeing the big world. She loves bringing some international insights to teams. You will find Shandi quietly sitting in Izakaya or Soho, sipping a glass of Gin & Tonic and observing people when she finishes work.

Tin has 10+ years of multidisciplinary design experience and is passionate about helping brands form a stronger visual presence. She has an academic and professional background in advertising arts and fashion design, and she has worked mostly with brands in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty industries. Outside of work, Tin likes to travel and she enjoys freediving.

Lucy has just completed her advanced diploma in Marketing, advertising and communications at Red and Yellow School Of Business. Lucy enjoys marketing as its a place where she can be creative, challenged and rewarded at the same time. Lucy enjoys spending her free time listening to health podcasts and doing online yoga flow classes.