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31 October 2022 / Lucy McGhie

A content marketing funnel is a visual step-by-step system that helps marketing brands attract potential customers. The funnel helps guide those customers through the journey of awareness, to consideration, and then to conversion or a paying customer. At each stage of the funnel, the user intent is different, meaning that your content will follow different goals and results.

Top Content Funnel: Awareness

This content should attract attention, show the value of your product or service, and capture new and curious customers. This phase is often the first time a potential customer has heard about your amazing product or service.


Middle Content Funnel: Consideration

Normally in this phase, you are starting to build a deeper relationship. Your content generates engagement and leads, and the customer is more aware and actively considers your product or service. This phase’s content focuses more on providing in-depth product or service information. Don’t forget to show case how your product or service will be better than your competitors and why the customer should choose you!


Bottom Content Funnel: Conversion

Your customer is ready to buy. This content should reinforce to your customer that they are making the best choice, choosing your product or service.


And lastly Beyond Content Funnel: Retention

This is the final stage, Well done on the hard work your leads are now your customer!But the work isn’t over. This is the stage where you need to ensure your content will keep your new customer engaged, add value and support your customer.


It is essential to create content that works for each stage; not all your customers understand what to do.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, The Right MIX will be at your service. We can help create the content you need for your brand and show you how to create awareness for your brand, generate leads and convert the customer to buy!